Student Advisors

We understand that navigating the US healthcare system can be confusing and complicated - especially for those used to healthcare provided by their government or other forms of healthcare in countries abroad - and our team is here to help you help your international students and scholars with any questions or issues they might have. Answers to many common questions can be found under the FAQ’s section of our website. Please contact our team of experts if you or your students can’t find the answers you need. We’re here to give you all the information you’ll need to help point your students in the right direction.

If you work with international students and visiting scholars or US students or faculty participating in study abroad, we know how important you are to those you advise, and we aim to do everything we can to make your job easier! We also understand that you likely are not (and should not have to be) an insurance expert. That’s our job! We are here to help and can be reached 9AM-5PM EST, Monday thru Friday, via phone or email. 


Here are a few helpful tips in the meantime...

First, always encourage your students to print and carry their insurance ID card with them at all times, or know how to access it electronically. All of our plans provide electronic ID cards that students can save or access 24/7 as needed. If the member isn’t able to present their ID card when getting medical care or medication, it can slow down the process and the student may need to pay out of pocket for the service and submit a claim later. Keeping the ID card accessible at all times means insurance coverage can be verified and billed efficiently. Students can access their ID card 24/7 once enrolled and additional instructions can be found on our Manage Your Account page.

Second, the student health center on campus should be the first resource used for non-emergency care. Healthcare in the US is very expensive, and many students have access to comprehensive and low-cost care right on campus. Using the campus health center will help students keep their out-of-pocket costs for medical care as low as possible and avoid long wait times in an emergency room. If your college or university doesn’t offer health services on campus, or additional care is needed, an in-network provider should be used whenever possible. Using an in-network provider is another way students can keep their out-of-pocket costs as low as possible and ensure a smooth claims process. The networks our plans use vary by plan and you can learn more by visiting our What To Do If You Need Healthcare page.

Finally, the most common reason for delayed claims processing is the member not responding to requests for a claim form or other requested information. After medical treatment is received the member will receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) outlining the service received, what the insurance plan covers, and what, if anything, the member owes to the provider – listed as Patient Responsibility. The EOB will either be mailed or made available in the member’s account, depending on which plan they are enrolled under. Sometimes, additional information is needed to continue the claims process so it’s important that the member keep an eye out for notification from the applicable insurance company or claims administrator after the service is received, and then reply promptly. If all is in order, claims are typically processed within 30 days.

Please contact our team of experts at any time for advice and guidance.


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