Making a Claim

If you are an international student and scholar in the US, navigating the US healthcare system can be very confusing! That’s why our insurance plans are designed with the specific needs of international students and scholars in mind. to make it easy for our members to access healthcare and use their insurance benefits. It’s important to know that in many cases members covered under our insurance plans can simply provide their insurance ID card to the medical provider at the time of service and the medical provider can send the claim automatically to the insurance company for processing. Many students and scholars also have access to student health centers on their campus, which in many cases should be your first choice for non-emergency medical care. To learn more about what to do if you need healthcare, click on the link below.


What to do if you need healthcare

Once you are enrolled into an insurance plan, remember to download your insurance ID card and carry it with you at all times!

If your medical provider does not file a claim with your insurance plan on your behalf, or you pay for medical costs or prescription medications on your own, don’t worry! Submitting a claim is easy, and our team is here to help. ISP offers medical insurance plans through several top insurance carriers and the claims process can vary between each of our different plans. Click the link below for more information on submitting a claim and if you need some help, our team is standing by to assist. Contact us if you need assistance.


How to Make a Claim 

Manage Your Account 

ISP’s insurance plans include helpful features that allow members to manage their plan quickly and easily 24/7 right online! Visit our Manage Your Account page to learn more about managing your account and submitting claims for your specific plan.

If you just need to quickly download a claim form, you can do so here.

Claim Forms

Help your students file a claim.

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