Global Student Navy Plus


  • Meets NYU's insurance waiver requirement
    Unlimited Lifetime Maximum
    Deductible Options of $400 or $1,250
    $0 Copay at Student Health Center



Maximum Benefit Payable per Period of Insurance


Lifetime Maximum


Individual Deductible

•In-Network and Out-of-Network Providers
•Family is 2x Individual

Options of

$400 or


In Network Coinsurance

80% of Preferred Allowance 

Out of Network Coinsurance

60% of Usual and Customary

In Network Maximum Out of Pocket 

$6,350 Single/ $12,000 Family                                        

Max out of Pocket Excludes Copays/Deductibles and Non Covered Charges

Copays/Deductible per Visit:


Dr's Office Visit

$0 at Student Health Center

$30 at Primary Care Physician

$50 at Specialist

Emergency Room

$250 (Waived if Admitted)

Hospital room and Board

$250 per admission

Prescription Drugs

(Deductible Applies)


(per prescription)

Medical Evacuation/Repatriation

Maximum Benefit: $100,000

Return of Mortal Remains

Maximum Benefit: $50,000

This is a brief summary of the ISP plan contained within and is not a contract of insurance. The terms and conditions of coverage are set forth in the policy documents. If any conflict should arise between this summary and the respective policy, the terms of the policy will govern in all cases.

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