For international students looking for the highest level of coverage, Global Student Navy Plus 100 provides exceptional benefits and lower out of pocket costs compared to the standard Navy plan. Starting at just $109.50 per month, the plan provides comprehensive health insurance coverage for international students studying outside of their home country who are enrolled and actively attending a college or university. The plan offers medical coverage with a $100 deductible and includes comprehensive inpatient, outpatient, emergency, prescription drug, mental health, and preventive care services.

The Global Student Navy Plus 100 Plan offers international students an alternative to more expensive university plans by providing medical insurance that meets the waiver requirements of most worldwide higher education institutions.

In addition to comprehensive health coverage Global Student Navy Plus 100 also includes important benefits for international students such as Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation of Remains, as well as 24/7 support in over 180 languages.


  • Low Monthly Rates - Starting at $109.50 per month
  • Aetna Network
  • Unlimited Maximum Benefit & Unlimited Lifetime Maximum
  • $0 Student Health Center Copay
  • Preventive Care Services & Immunizations
  • Discounted Dental & Vision Services

Rates (per month)


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