Tips to finding the best housing options abroad

So you are considering studying abroad...There are a lot of things that you are going to want to do on this once in a lifetime opportunity. Whether you are studying in China or researching in South America you will always want to have a nice place that you can go home to. Here are a few tips on what to expect when going abroad and looking for sweet places to live:

  1. Consider that things are different in Europe and student accommodations in general. In most cases students tend to have at least one bedroom that is shared.
  1. Cost: This all depends on the city you are going to, but keep in mind that all cities and countries have completely different real estate markets. For example, Paris and London are going to be much higher than Madrid. In some cases cities like Rome, the area where everyone wants to live in the heart of Trastevere is much more expensive than an apartment that is 10 minutes away in Prati (similar is the case in Prague)
  1. Location: Cities in Europe tend to be smaller and easier to manage in terms of transportation. A lot of cities have convenient metro options that can get you from one side of a city to another in a matter of minutes. Choose a location that is relatively close to school, but also close enough to areas of the city that you know you want to explore.
  1. Expectations: As we mentioned, living in an apartment in a foreign country is totally different. While there is a great sense of independence and freedom, you should also be aware that things such as blazing WIFI speeds and hot water 24 hours a day is just simply less available (especially in countries such as Spain, France, and Italy). Americans like to blast their hot water for 15 minutes, Europeans tend to be more conscientious.
  1. Living with friends: Our advice is definitely to try and live with at least one friend, but if you are able to find other people to live with, than you should most certainly explore that option. Studying abroad is about expanding your horizons and living with new people is a big part of what will give you new friends that last a lifetime.

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