ISP attending NAFSA 2016 to spread peace (of mind)

Let’s face it, as a parent or an advisor's, your child or student’s safety is your main concern when they travel to study. You may be interested in their choice of program, their school and the potential career opportunities that lay ahead of their graduation. You will most certainly be keeping any eye on the cost involved in their living overseas to continue their education. But nothing comes close to the need for you to be satisfied in your own mind that they are going to be OK while they are away from the family home.

International Student Protection (ISP) believe that the best way to achieve that peace of mind is to ensure that your child or student has the best possible back-up while traveling abroad.

That’s why we’re traveling ourselves, to Denver CO, to attend NAFSA 2016 to speak with delegates from schools around the world about our short-term accident and sickness medical plans for international students, scholars, researchers and visitors traveling to the United States, as well as US students studying abroad.

In a world where communication is instant and readily available and we can speak to our kids pretty much wherever they are, it’s good to know that if ever it’s needed, all ISP customers will have the same level of access to our live, fully-trained customer service representatives who are standing by to answer any and all questions.

That’s the best sort of protection you can have.

Our own representatives will be at the NAFSA Annual Conference from May 29 to June 3 at Booth 1128, so come talk to us and share in the peace!