4 Benefits of Studying Abroad

Are you still on the fence about deciding whether to study abroad or not? You’re not alone! Studying abroad is an educational and fun opportunity that should be taken advantage of if available to you. Studying abroad can bring new experiences and perspective, and create new social opportunities for students. In addition to the immediate benefits of experiencing a new place and the fun and excitement that comes with it, studying abroad also provides life-long benefits. Learning about different cultures and experiencing different academic environments provides students with a once-in-a lifetime global perspective that they can apply in their daily lives upon returning to their home college and for years to come.

Here are 4 major benefits of studying abroad that may help sway your decision:


The Opportunity to See the World

While studying abroad may look like a vacation, it is not! You are going overseas to continue your studies in your field of choice. The work load may be the same as your own college back home. You will have exams, assignments, and projects. But with your free time, you may find yourself among a group of study abroad students who are excited to explore new cities, landmarks, and experience a different part of the world and its culture. This doesn’t limit you to one place, either. Studying in Europe? You can quickly and easily visit many countries via train or plane. Your program may even offer opportunities for you to take short trips outside of city or country in which you are studying.

Cultural Immersion

Studying abroad will give you a new global perspective on not only your field of study, but how different people interact and live their lives. If you are interested in working in an international business environment, this is a great opportunity for you to gain valuable experience. Even if your goal is not related to international business, the globe is constantly shrinking. Regardless of the career path you choose, you likely will have colleagues, clients, or business partners from overseas at some point. Understanding other cultures will give you a leg up in relating to others with backgrounds different from yours.

Expanding Your Network

Another great opportunity provided by studying abroad is the opportunity to meet people from around the world. You will be able to connect with other students that have the same major as you from all around the world. This will give you a diverse new peer group and professional network later in life. Many students develop close with their peers during the study abroad experience. Thanks to modern technology, it is very easy to maintain these connections with your new friends. Building a relationship with your professors is also valuable. They may also have connections that can land you a job internationally in the future.

Boosting your Employment Prospects After College

Studying abroad is a great opportunity to build up your resume. In a global economy, employers look to hire graduates who have developed soft skills like adaptability, communication, and cross cultural understanding. Depending on your visa status and what country you study in, you may be able to take a part-time job or internship, which can provide even greater opportunities to immerse yourself in the culture.  

Still undecided? That's OK – choosing to study abroad is a big decision, but one that you should certainly consider! If you do decide to study abroad, ISP can help provide you with peace of mind that you’ll be covered in the event of a medical issue while abroad. Contact us at to learn how we can help!